2018 - New Album - West Coast Shows - New Website Coming Soon

Jan 22, 2018 ~ posted by Dennis

​Hey beautiful people,

I am here to let you know that I have made a new album and that it will be out in early April 2018. The record was recorded in September and October of 2017 in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and it was produced by Joel Plaskett. I am very proud of this record, the songs, the performances, the vibe. The record is called Things Change and you can preview a track from it now, called Caught in the Waves.

At the moment, you can pre-order the album at the pledgemusic page. When you pre-order, you get the entire record in digital form RIGHT NOW. I know, I know, kinda weird, but I just want people to hear it and in this day and age, what’s the difference. Visit the pledge site to order your physical copies on CD, LP, cassette, and get access to limited swag.

There are shows booked for British Columbia in April, and more in the works for May in Ontario, Quebec, and northern US and then it’s summertime…and that will also be a busy time promoting this record too. More details to come on all these wonderful things, very soon.

There is a new website, with a web store, in the making. Trying to create a serious resource that brings everything I’ve ever done into one place…with an emphasis on what is unfolding. So much exciting stuff coming.

All previously released music has now been made available on all streaming platforms…with the exception of my first solo record, but that will be added as well in the very near future. Even the long time, tour only album, Love Knows Love is now streaming.

I know it’s winter but next comes spring, so keep your souls alive and bring on the fun.

Peace and love,


Hey there, what’s new?

Apr 26, 2017 ~ posted by Dennis

​Seems like forever. Almost has been. Sorry about that, I needed a break.

The much needed break has allowed me to focus on a few really cool projects. I’ve been writing a lot of new songs. I’ll be making a new record in the latter part of this summer. I can’t wait to get it started.

In early April, I made a record with a great bud and long time collaborator of mine, Kinley Dowling. We are just mixing it now, but it won’t take long to get a release. It should be up for pre-sale in a few weeks and it will be delivered in June. We have a UK tour planned in support of the release for late June into the first 2 weeks of July. Can’t wait for that either. The record is called, Everyone Needs to Chill Out.

Also, there is a second project with Kinley on the horizon. We call ourselves Grande Finale. Look for a few singles and videos this year, with an album to follow at some point in the not too distant future.

There is a Canadian run of shows coming up as well. Ontario and Quebec for the moment. Looking to go west again before the end of 2017, but no solid plans just yet.

That’s my ramble. I will make sure I don’t leave people hanging for too long before the next update.

Keep your eye on the spaces for new images that will lead you to new music. There is lots of it. I just need to sort out how it will all be revealed. Soon enough, soon enough.


Update from the Fog of Summer

Aug 23, 2016 ~ posted by Dennis

​It’s been a while. I’ve been playing gigs and writing new music. I am in the midst of planning for a few new recordings. I have been playing all summer with my band, The Mercy Dolls, and we are about to get to work on a new batch of recordings. I am also writing for a new solo record, and if it goes the way I hope it does, it will be a little shift from my previous work. I can’t exactly say just yet, because it’s only beginning to come into focus, but I am excited to dig into the process and I can’t wait to get back into the rhythm and sway of it all. Should have something new to share with you by the autumn….my fav season.

I’ve just posted some new European tour dates and there will be some UK dates coming soon as well. I can’t wait to cross the Atlantic Ocean and begin sharing my new works, as well as the old ones.

Anyway, this is to say that although things have been relatively quiet for the last little while, that will be changing soon-ish and I can’t wait.



Long time, no talk!

May 27, 2016 ~ posted by Dennis

​Hi folks,

It has been a very long time since we got caught up. I needed a break from it all, but I haven’t been doing nothing. I have some things to report. For the first 5 months of 2016 I have been writing a lot, working on new material for something. I have no immediate plans to record a new record, but I am starting to think about it. I have been recording demos and making headway on the collection of songs but we are still a distance from a solid plan. I do have plans to record and release a single in the last quarter of 2016, so look for more news on that as we get near the end of summer. I don’t want to think about the end of summer just yet, we haven’t even started it.

I have a busy summer playing shows with my band, The Mercy Dolls, around the east coast of Canada. I am also playing a fair number of solo gigs, with some friends, for a charity or two, and a at few festivals.

Plans are in motion for a UK tour in the first quarter of 2016, as well, I will be returning to the Netherlands in February for a couple weeks of shows. Happy to report that I will be making my German debut with a handful of shows on that same February tour.

I am hopeful there will be some activity in the USA this September.

I believe there will be some west coast Canadian shows in October 2016 and we are working on those details now. Stay tuned!

I promise, I will not let so much silence go by before I send out another transmission. I really did need a rest. I am ready to roll now though.

Please see the tour section for a listing of upcoming shows and keep your eye on that area for additional dates.

Peace and love.


P.S. - I am deeply saddened and heartbroken by the news about Gordon Downie. For years I have looked up to this man as a writer and in 2012, I got to work with him on a song that appears on my album Hazy Sunshine. I am really looking forward to their new album, Man Machine Poem, and hopeful I will catch the band on their upcoming summer tour. I want to send out my love and support to Gord and the band during this difficult time. Gord, you are a star. You will always shine. All my love.

New Album - Romantic As It Gets

Aug 14, 2015 ~ posted by Dennis

I am very happy to announce that my new record, called Romantic As It Gets, will be released on Busted Flat Records on September 11. It was recorded at Chase Park Transduction in Athens, Georgia, USA in November 2014 and it was produced by David Barbe. When I set out to make this record, I knew I wanted to work with the team I made Dusk Dreams with again, and I am so happy that I did. The result is something I am very proud of. The tracklisting is as follows:

Shakin’ On the Plank
Full Moon Blues
Ghosts of Love
Make It Alright
Skyline River Valley Dream
Stay True
Shines the Sun In Your Mind
Mercy Doll
Beauty Is Sad
Dancing All Alone

You can pre-order it at iTunes and bustedflatrecords.com

Check out the tour dates in the tour section and please, if you can make it to a show, do so. It’s always nice to meet folks on the road.

Peace and love,


Here’s the deal!

Jun 9, 2015 ~ posted by Dennis

Dennis’ new single Stay True is streaming now and has been making a few choice appearances on Canadian radio. It is a summer vibe kind of song from the upcoming record, Romantic As It Gets. Check it out in the MUSIC section.

The TOUR with Leeroy Stagger starts on Thursday in Halifax at The Carleton. It runs from June 11-21, wrapping up with a performance at The Montreal Folk Festival On the Canal. Following that, Dennis will be performing at Festival of Small Halls, StanFest, Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and the brand new Charlottetown Waterfront Concert Series. June and July are busy, busy, busy. In August, there will be a little vacation/beach action in PEI and then in the second last week of August, Dennis will be in Toronto for a record release show at The Rivoli. Following that, Dennis will be on tour in Western Canada through September, the UK in October and the first week of November, and then continental Europe through November.

In other exciting news, Dennis is happy to announce that he has signed an International publishing deal with Chapter 2 Productions, based in Toronto, Ontario.

Keep your eyes on this site for news about the release of Romantic As It Gets. It’s coming toward the end of the summer.

Peace and love.

Tour and New Record

Mar 30, 2015 ~ posted by Dennis

Great news!!! Romantic As It Gets is coming soon. I’ve shared a new track called Full Moon Blues and you can listen to it by clicking the read more highlighted text below and then clicking on the song title:

Full Moon Blues

There is lots on the go for 2015. Some announcements are pending confirmation at this point, but there will be tours in Canada, United Kingdom and Europe. I have just signed on with a European agent and will tour there in November.

Keep your eye on the tour page of this website for that info.

I will be posting details about the new album very soon.

P&L/ D.M.E

Happy New Year

Jan 5, 2015 ~ posted by Dennis

Hey party people,

2015 is here. Hope everyone is happy and healthy. Living well is easy these days. A new record is mixed and on it’s way to mastering. It’s a 10 song album and it will be available in CD/LP/Digital formats. I think I have a name for the album but I won’t say anything yet. Most important news is that I am leaving for the UK in 20 days. I have a great bunch of shows to play over there through the end of January and the whole month of February. The dates are as follows:

january 27 - celtic connections - tron theatre - glasgow
january 28 - biddulph arms - biddulph
january 30 - the square tower - portsmouth
january 31 - the little rabbit barn - ardleigh
february 2 - the back room - cottingham
february 4 - the green note - london
february 5 - the ent’ shed - bedford
february 7 - belper music & arts at the queen’s head - belper
february 8 - greystones - sheffield
february 9 - mick murphy’s bar - ballymore eustace, co. kildare
february 13 - live at the institute - kelvedon
february 18 - the gala theatre - durham
february 20 - greystones - sheffield
february 21 - howard assembly room - leeds
february 27 - arts centre - warwick
february 28 - st. philips church - manchester

See you down the line. xo/DME


Oct 9, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

Autumn is here. My new songs are making me very happy even though they can tend to be a little melancholy. I’ve been writing a lot and getting ready to hit the road.

I am winding down on the writing process for this new record and I am very excited to begin work on it. We start in early November in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction. Working again with the Dusk Dreams team and I just know we are going to blast it out of the park with this one.

I am past the halfway point in time and creeping up on the halfway point in funds raised on my Indiegogo Campaign. Click that link if you want to find out about it and especially if you want to lend a hand in getting closer to the goal.

It will be a busy year in 2015. I am starting it off with a 3 week tour in the UK. Dates are close to final and I will have an update for you soon. I love it there.

Been listening to one of my all time favorite songwriters, Jason Molina. He’s been keeping me company as the year winds down. His music just eases me into a beautiful sea of thoughts and feelings. I’m still sad he is not with us anymore but so thankful for the magical catalog he left in his dust.

Peace and love from the heart,


New Song Contest

Aug 19, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

Dennis has been chosen in the early bird, general round of the New Song Contest. He was one of two selected to compete in the finals in New York City on November 15. Details of the contest can be found HERE.

In other news, Dennis is scheduled to be in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction with David Barbe producing a new record in the first 10 days of November. Busy times ahead.

Show announcements coming soon. Looks like Dennis will be back in the UK in Jan/Feb. Details to follow.

Love Knows Love TOUR ONLY Album - 100 signed copies for sale On Bandcamp

Jun 25, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

Dennis Ellsworth’s Love Knows Love TOUR ONLY CD is now available for a limited time through Bandcamp.com

The album was recorded and mixed over two winters in Canada.

This album will not be made available through stores or digital outlets.

Here is the link, happy shopping: LOVE KNOWS LOVE

What’s Up?

May 13, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

Hey friends,

The tour with Lindy Vopnfjord of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces has come to a close. What a trip it was. Lindy is a brilliant songwriter and true brother. We will be at it again somewhere down the line, I know it.

Up next is a few east coast Canadian festivals. First, I will be at Paddlefest, this coming weekend with The Dwellers for a Friday night main stage performance, and then on Saturday at Harbourview Restaurant for an evening solo performance.

Following that, I will be a part of a great show at The Guild in Charlottetown on May 24 to celebrate the Tulip Festival. Tickets are at the Guild box office. It’ll be a great time!!!

On June 1, I will fly to the UK to start a tour that will run from June 4 to June 14. Just a quick run, but I can’t wait to get back over there for these shows. I love it!

The day after I land, I start a 4 night run with Skydiggers at The Carleton in Halifax, Nova Scotia. All shows are sold out!!! I might have a new treat on the merch table for this show. I dunno yet.

Onward and upward, spring is here and summer is looking good. BBQ is fired up and the wine is flowing.

All my love, and lots more news to come very soon.


Canadian Tour etc…

Apr 7, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

Tour starts on Wednesday April 16 in Guelph, Ontario. I am really looking forward to playing these shows with Lindy. There are a whole bunch of dates and you can check in the tour section to see where you can catch us.

In other news, I recently had the pleasure of participating in ECMW 2014 in Charlottetown. Highlight was playing the SOCAN songwriter’s circle with Amelia Curran, Jenn Grant, and Jimmy Rankin. What a treat!

I am picking away at some new recordings that will surface for the UK tour. It’s a mix of new songs and Hazy Sunshine leftovers. They were leftover because I didn’t want to release a 19 song record, so I had to chop something. More news on this later.

Everything’s Fine has been added to CBC Radio 2 in Canada, and Sirius XM has added Things I Want. Keep yer ears open.

Love to all. See you on the road. So many cool things in development that I can’t wait to share with you. Like a brand new video by Millefiore Clarkes that I will be premiering soon. Star tuned!!!

Music PEI / ECMA Showcase / Haunted Hearts Indiegogo Campaign / Spring Tour in Canada etc…

Feb 7, 2014 ~ posted by Dennis

So, Music PEI week has come and gone. Hazy Sunshine won two awards: Roots Contemporary Recording and Male Solo Recording of the Year. It was a pleasure and an honour to be involved. Congrats to all the nominees and award winners.

In April, ECMA Week rolls into Charlottetown and I have a few showcases. I can announce that I will be playing the Songwriters show with some mighty fine women. I’ll be sharing the stage with Jenn Grant, Amelia Curran, Mo Kenny and Meaghan Blanchard. That will be a fun one. More news on this soon.

Haunted Hearts have started an Indiegogo campaign to help with the recording of our third album. Click here for details.

We also have a brand new website, HERE

I will be hitting the road in mid April for almost a month worth of shows with Lindy Vopnfjord. I can’t wait to get out there and play in Canada. The dates will be announced very soon. Just working out a few minor details.

I will have some dates in the UK to announce sometime in the near future. Stay tuned!

Finally, I have been writing new stuff and I’m gonna do some demos/recording soon. Don’t know what will come of it, but I am gonna start working on new music again soon.

All is well my friends. Winter is almost over…well, sort of. It feels good to be into February. Be well. Love and mercy!


P.S - Dizzy Heights by Neil Finn is outstanding. So far, my favorite record I have heard in 2014.

Merry Christmas!

Dec 19, 2013 ~ posted by Dennis

Greetings lovers.

The UK tour was dynamite. It is nice to be home, but man was it great to be back in England and to make my first trip to Scotland. Thank you John Smith for having me.

2014 is going to be great. I’ve just been nominated for 5 Music PEI awards. I’ll be back in a studio at some point, or a few times. We’re booking Canada for April and May and we’ll be on the road with Lindy Vopnfjord for this one. Then late May, early June I’ll be back in the UK.

We’ve just confirmed I will be performing at Stanfest in Canso, NS July 1st weekend. I am so excited to finally be playing this legendary festival.

A video for Hazy Sunshine will be released sometime in the near future.

So, there you go. A sneak peak into what’s coming down the line. Lots more too, but I don’t want to give it all away at once.

All my love, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!



Welcome from a bed in England

Nov 26, 2013 ~ posted by Dennis

Well ladies and gentlemen,

This is the new website. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will add some new things but overall, here it is. I am in the UK at the moment and today is the first day of a 10 show run with my great bud, John Smith. Check the dates in the tour section.

I am in the process of planning a few minor recording sessions to keep myself busy and moving forward into 2014. As well, I will be working on recreating, reworking, adding, whatever….to a large batch of unreleased stuff. I will be sifting through that and making efforts to compile tour/show only discs. I am excited to do this because for every record I make, there are 20 or more songs that end up hanging round, waiting for their moment in the sun. Slowly, I will make as many of these songs available.

In other news, Hazy Sunshine has been out for a few weeks now, and the reviews so far have been outstanding. It’s almost the end of the year and that means following this tour, I will take a few weeks off, but rest assured, we are in the booking stages of tours through Canada and UK for 2014. We’ll make those announcements here, so make sure you stop by often. Check the tour section and get your tickets if you’re up for a show. I have a few left in the east (easy) coast of Canada leading up to the holidays.

Hey, Charlottetown, Moncton and Saint John. I’ll be seeing you soon.

Peace and love friends,


New Website

Nov 25, 2013 ~ posted by Matt

Welcome to the new website. Stay tuned here for Dennis’s updates from the road.

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