Hey there, what’s new?

Apr 26, 2017 ~ posted by Dennis

​Seems like forever. Almost has been. Sorry about that, I needed a break.

The much needed break has allowed me to focus on a few really cool projects. I’ve been writing a lot of new songs. I’ll be making a new record in the latter part of this summer. I can’t wait to get it started.

In early April, I made a record with a great bud and long time collaborator of mine, Kinley Dowling. We are just mixing it now, but it won’t take long to get a release. It should be up for pre-sale in a few weeks and it will be delivered in June. We have a UK tour planned in support of the release for late June into the first 2 weeks of July. Can’t wait for that either. The record is called, Everyone Needs to Chill Out.

Also, there is a second project with Kinley on the horizon. We call ourselves Grande Finale. Look for a few singles and videos this year, with an album to follow at some point in the not too distant future.

There is a Canadian run of shows coming up as well. Ontario and Quebec for the moment. Looking to go west again before the end of 2017, but no solid plans just yet.

That’s my ramble. I will make sure I don’t leave people hanging for too long before the next update.

Keep your eye on the spaces for new images that will lead you to new music. There is lots of it. I just need to sort out how it will all be revealed. Soon enough, soon enough.


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